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    Electronic Point of Sale


    · Tills can be standard PCs with a till drawer, scanner and receipt printer attached

    · Book Manager will support virtually any combination of scanners, till printers and cash drawers

    · Emphasis has been placed on ease of use combining sophistication with simplicity

    · Operation by function key, keyboard and/or mouse with sensible use of colour and large font sizes   for crucial functions

    · Book Manager supports a comprehensive suite of user defined offers eg. 3for2, multi buy

    · Stock control is in real-time so that there are no batch processes to worry about and management   reports reflect your trading position to the second

    · Book Manager is not ISBN dependent and will cope quite happily with non-book and magazine   barcodes

    · Multi-currency support

    · Multi payment methods, including till transactions posted to credit accounts – complete mail order   compatibility

    · Varying rates of discounts

    · Ability to issue/redeem credit notes/refunds, void/delete transactions

    · Integrates with stock re-order levels and quantities for use with Book Managers purchase requisition   and suggested order pre-vet feature

    · Management defined security levels

    · Multiple till and workstation combinations

    · Multiple departments sharing a single database

    · All functions of Book Manager can be made available from the till giving access to powerful   information search and retrieval

    · Book Manager sales reports can include/exclude shop sales and report to department level

    Electronic Point of Sale