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    Order Processing, Fulfilment & Distribution


    · Invoice creation from stock or customer records

    · Automated Web order processing module – huge labour saving feature

    · Back order fulfilment either automatic or manual

    · Non-stock invoice lines

    · Invoice line discounts and order references including back order lines

    · Invoice lines can be assigned to campaign/promotion codes

    · Free text invoice message facility and auto message

    · Multiple delivery addresses

    · Pro-forma invoicing, tick box converts to an invoice

    · Multi currency and dual currency invoicing

    · Schemes for automatic postage calculation

    · Discount matrix by customer and product types

    · Recording of agent sales

    · Money with order and/or credit accounts

    · Receipt may be allocated in full or part, and invoices may be part paid

    · Invoices can be printed individually or in batches

    · Publish invoices as PDFs and email direct from Book Manager

    · Standing order invoice creation

    · Credit Note creation direct from an invoice

    · Distribution sales import and export

    · Portable conference sales/backorder module

    · Order despatch, parcel labels and trackback references

    · Picking lists

    · Flexible invoice layouts (pre-printed forms or wholly system generated layouts with images)

    · Book Manager supports an impressive suite of 3rd party distribution reports based on whole life sales   and available for any period. This maybe printed, created as spreadsheets or PDF files. We are   currently working on a project that will allow clients to view and analyse sales on-line

    · For publishers who use a distributor we support sales imports (to line level) from a number of well known UK distributors

    Order Processing, Fulfilment & Distribution