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    Stock & Inventory Control


    · Full bibliographic information enables informative catalogue production, including images

    · Nielsen, Amazon® and Google® interfaces – automatic lookup and retrieval of bibliographic details

    · Stock classification by topics, subtopics, product codes and keywords, integrates with customer   interests for accurate marketing campaigns

    · Supports multiple departments, locations and geographical sites

    · Book Manager is not ISBN/EAN dependent with full VAT support for non-book stock (standard and   special scheme)

    · Sales history to individual buyers for subsequent marketing campaigns

    · Supports barcode scanning and ISBN extraction

    · Picture links

    · Website update link

    · Multiple currencies

    · Enables purchase order, invoice or credit note creation

    · Stock locations and stock transfer

    · Upload stock selection to handheld scanner

    · Allows user definable fields

    · Production of barcodes for stock records by ISBN and stock number

    · Stock reporting

    Stock & Inventory Control