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    Scanner Order Processing Module

    The Scanner Order Processing module allows orders to be quickly taken on a handheld scanner and then uploaded to Book Manager. This is ideal for situations where it may not be possible to take orders directly into the main system, when you are at a book fair for example or cash and carry orders in the warehouse. The module has been designed to work with a satellite workstation(s) or on-line if the remote location has Internet access. The labour saving advantage of this facility cannot be over emphasised.

    · Stock and customer addresses are uploaded to the scanner, all records or a selection of your choice

    · Customer address records are created automatically for unmatched addresses

    · Order acknowledgements are automatically created

    · Varying invoice and delivery addresses are supported

    · No re-keying of data and the automation of order fulfilment

    · Picking lists and invoices may be amended (& the customer informed) prior to despatch

    · Backorders and purchase orders are created automatically for products which cannot be supplied   from stock

    · Multiple scanners can be used (and cradles/workstations if required) making this module totally   scalable to suit the size of fair/event

    · Workstation(s) on the stand contain all the information held by the main system thus avoiding   customer duplication and reducing the risk of over selling

    · Scanners can also be used for stock checking and for book fair sample selection

    · Sales agents can also employ the scanners for stock reference and order taking at customer   premises

    · On-site cash and carry orders will produce invoices and destock inventory automatically

    Scanner Order Processing Module