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    Onix, e-Commerce, Electronic Data Exchanges & Mining

    Book Manager can generate ONIX feeds and import ONIX format records. This can be used by publishers and distributors to send book information electronically to the major information centres in both UK and USA such as Nielsen, Amazon, Ingrams, CoreSource, Bowker, Baker and Taylor – in fact any third party supporting this format.

    Book Manager supports electronic data exchange for third party distribution and other external web based markets. For the specialist currently uploading to sites such as Amazon, ABE, Alibris etc., we generate a file format that can be processed with the press of a button. Uploaded stock items are tracked for any changes and subsequent uploads only contain new or amended records, or deletions for sold/unavailable items. Not having to send your entire stock each time means keeping your site up to date is much easier.

    With Book Manager being Microsoft based and ODBC compliant we can easily generate a database or Excel spreadsheet to suit any Website requirements. We have a number of sites generating scheduled web exports automatically so that stock availability information is very accurate without the costly overhead of a completely web enabled back office system. This, coupled with the Web Order Processing automation, makes for a very cost effective solution to your Internet presence and sales.

    Book Manager not only interfaces with many of our customer’s third party websites but we have a preferred external company who have and developed sites specifically around the WBM data model for seamless integration with Book Manager.

    Onix, e-Commerce, Electronic Data Exchanges & Mining