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    Purchasing & Returns


    · Supports multiple departments

    · Suggested reorders (pre-vet system) based on minimum stock, reorder levels, back orders and sales

    · Supplier and publisher ordering relationships

    · Automatic stock details update for changes in price, status etc.

    · ISBN (or barcode) change detection allows automatic creation of new stock record

    · Delivery procedure feeds the back order fulfilment engine and the operator is made aware of any   back ordered items

    · Purchase orders may be printed individually, in a batch or from a search e.g. a specific supplier

    · Ability to show unprinted, printed or all orders as well as completed and/or outstanding

    · Supplier invoice capture and export to Sage accounts

    · Use of barcode scanners to identify orders for a specific item and also delivery process

    · Purchase order chaser and cancellation documents

    · Purchase orders published as Snapshots or into Microsoft® Word for electronic transfer or automatic   faxing

    · Full customer address and correspondence facilities apply to suppliers and publishers

    · Identification of sale or return stock items

    · Radio buttons represents returns to Suppliers at all the various stages

    · Supplier returns request, authorisation and credit note functions with transfer to Sage accounts

    Purchasing & Returns